Project Manager – Duluth, GA

Project Manager

Job ID: pmdga
Date: 5/7/2022
Location: Duluth, GA
Degree: Degree a plus
Salary: $100,000 – $120,000

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Awesome Benefits:
401k + attractive company match
Comprehensive Health and Dental Insurance 100% paid by company
Bonus program up to 25%
All Holidays Paid and very competitive Vacation Plan
All Fuel Paid and Auto Allowance provided
Work/Life Balance
We are a commercial general contractor in Atlanta GA with over 3 decades of history/experience in building commercial / industrial structures – growing and looking to broaden their reach across the Southeast.
We are currently interviewing for a Superintendent that has experience building (ground-up) commercial structures & willing to work on remote projects throughout the Southeast.
Position Overview:
  • The Superintendent will Oversee their project from project start to closeout. 
  • This person will be like an Ambassador to the client/company by helping to run the project, manage it successfully within budget/timeframe and create a reputation of excellence with the owner/client for future business. 
  • Projects will include Commercial Industrial structure types:
    • Tilt-Wall / Tilt-Up Concrete
    • Warehouse or Distribution Center
    • Big Box or Large Shopping/Retail
    • other…
To do that you will:
  • Collaborate with Office staff & Trade-Partners to execute the projects.
  • Maintain the schedule for the project & ensure timely delivery c/o
  • Maintain a safe work environment
  • Update and Report to company management throughout the project to collaborate on ongoing progress.
Competitive Salary: $80-120k
Reasonable Bonus: 10% annual profit sharing
Great Insurance:  Free Healthcare premiums!
Retirement Plan: 401(k) with match
PTO:  2 weeks vacation + Holidays
Degree is not required but preferred.
Minimum 5-7 years of construction site management experience required.

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