Home Remodel Project Manager

Home Remodel Project Manager

Job ID:
Date: 6/16/2020
Location: Nashville, Tennessee, TN
Degree: Degree Preferred
Salary: $55,000 – $70,000

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 This position is for someone who enjoys managing processes and deadlines and loves working with organizing construction teams.  An in-depth knowledge of residential construction is important, and the ability to follow procedures/processes for consistent results is vital. This position is for a sharp, high energy team player who has the gift to organize and be a part of a construction team and manage many projects simultaneously.

This PM/Supt will visit homes/sites, work with detailed scopes of work, accurately estimate construction costs along with the pre-con department, manage subcontractor teams, track budgets and timelines, and deliver quality and profitable residential renovation projects on time and on budget.


About the company:

They are part real-estate / part-renovation contractor and their company has been growing in Nashville for over 20 years with plans to expand into surrounding states/markets. Their people are among the most intelligent & driven in the industry & I think you may be someone that can match their energy/drive which is why I want to speak to you.


Main Responsibilities:


Ultimately the role of the Project Manager is to lead our Construction projects / renovations so that we efficiently manage our company projects. 


Success Overview:


●       Daily Summaries based on roles and responsibilities.

●       Accurate reports on daily project productivity are to be submitted daily

●       Submission of paperwork and completed scopes of repair within designated timelines for the department

●       Delivery of projects on time and on budget 

●       A well-managed and up to date vendor/sub-contractor data base

●       Monitoring initial budgets vs actual project spend daily

●       Ensuring that properties/projects are 100% complete when turned over to the sales department for disposition



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