General Manager -New Home Construction

General Manager -New Home Construction

Job ID: gmnhnc
Date: 5/7/2022
Location: Hillsborough, NC
Degree: Degree a plus
Salary: $100,000 – $120,000

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Awesome Benefits:
401k + attractive company match
Comprehensive Health and Dental Insurance 100% paid by company
Bonus program up to 25% – Salary & Bonus Structure exceeding $150-170k/year
All Holidays Paid and very competitive Vacation Plan
All Fuel Paid and Auto Allowance provided
Work/Life Balance

We are a National leader in the custom home building industry, is looking for an experienced (Custom Home) General Manager in Hillsborough NC

An ideal candidate must possess a strong work ethic, problem-solving skills, and knowledge of residential construction. Someone from/familiar with the Hillsborough / Durham-Raleigh NC area & knows the local vendors/subs/etc to acclimate more quickly to the operations. We are looking for the right person with “high energy” and strong leadership that will constantly be driving the Production & Sales processes.

Here is the breakdown of our approach to managing all aspects of the branch operations, sales & production for our office clientele & staff.


  • Sales Management Experience
  • Production Expertise (Custom Home New-Construction)
  • Administration and P&L Management

Daily Focus:

  • Inspect/maintain model center
  • Review new leads
  • Update with Division President
  • Review writes, CLC’s, Starts, Settlements, perms
  • Update map and white boards
  • Review plans and estimate time-frames at Corporate

Weekly Check-in / Review:

  • Update Lender Report
  • Update Job Boards
  • Attend/facilitate/lead Production Meeting, Drafting Meeting, Manager Meeting, Core Personnel Meeting
  • Review Bills
  • Review WIP schedules
  • Review warranty backlog
  • Review construction loans in process

Monthly Check-in:

  • Review advertising and approve budget
  • Review mileage reports
  • Review expense reports
  • Create and submit projections

Other periodic duties to stay on top of things:

  • Field overflow (phone calls, sales traffic, deliveries, site meetings etc.)
  • Manager walks
  • Job inspections
  • Drafting file reviews
  • Corporate file reviews
  • Final Review meetings
  • Plan reviews
  • EPO reviews
  • Recruit/hire/train/mentor/supervise employees, subs and vendors
  • Network
  • Negotiate with subs and suppliers
  • Review overhead and general P&L
  • Review individual job margins
  • Field customer concerns
  • Obtain & Approve Special Pricing for Building Consultants


  • 401K
  • Competitive salary Averaging $100-120k/year
  • Guaranteed Bonus 1st year
  • Health insurance benefits
  • Vehicle allowance @ $1000/month
  • Cell phone allowance @ $75/month
  • Vacation and holidays

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